Dessert Menu

cake parfaits

This delicious and beautiful cup of dessert will be a perfect  addition to your event. enjoy cake, filling and buttercream without the hassle and mess of slicing a regular cake. available in all flavor/filling combinations. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. includes spoon.


edible cookie dough cups

tasty,  safe to eat cookie dough that your guests will love. available in 5 flavors–chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookie, s’mores, and rocky road. includes lid and spoon. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. 

1 oz cup $12/dozen                                                                 3 oz cup $35/dozen      


Mouth-watering cookies–chocolate chip, reese’s peanut butter cookies, frosted sugar cookies, chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, and lemon zest. minimum of 2 dozen per flavor.

2 oz cookies $22/dozen                                                        3 oz cookies $30/dozen 


Filled and frosted cupcakes available in all flavor/filling combinations. Creamy swiss meringue buttercream swirl on top with or without sprinkles. Minimum of 2 dozen per flavor.

Mini cupcakes $12/dozen                                      standard cupcakes $25/dozen 

flower cupcakes

Gorgeous realistic flower cupcakes. available in a variety of flowers. your guests wont believe these are cupcakes. available in all flavor/filling combinations. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. 

mini flower cupcakes $20/dozen                          standard flower cupcakes $33/dozeN

7 flower bouquet $23                                                            12 flower bouquet $40                                                          24 flower bouquet $80

personal cheesecakes

rich and yummy, these beautifully presented  cheecakes are avaialble in various flavors. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. 


sweet breads

Delicious sweetbreads. Perfect for breakfast or dessert. Comes in a variety of flavors. 24 slices per loaf.

$15 per loaf

half sheet cake

enjoy this large frosted and filled cake that serves approximately 40 people. can include personalized message and decorations. available in several flavor/filling combinations.

half sheet cake $60

Giant 4' by 2.5' sheet cake

blow your guests away with a personalized giant sheet cake. great for displaying logos for office parties, family reunions or any large event. within each cake you can select multiple flavors/fillings. serves over 200-300 guests. 

giant sheet cake $600