Dessert Menu

dessert/breakfast liege belgian waffle bar

These are the perfect addition for any event or meeting at any hour of the day. call it breakfast, call it dessert. these authentic belgian waffles have the caramelized sugar pearls that add the perfect crunch. comes with two toppings, but feel free to add as many as you like. serving size 3, 4 inch waffles. 

$7/serving   (minimum 25 servings)                                 additional toppings: $30 per 25 servings

topping options: seasonal fruit, butter syrup, caramel syrup, chocolate ganache, peanut butter ganache, seasonal fruit jam, candied nuts, sprinkles, chocolate hazelnut spread, house made whipped cream.

cake parfaits

This delicious and beautiful cup of dessert will be a perfect  addition to your event. enjoy cake, filling and buttercream without the hassle and mess of slicing a regular cake. available in all flavor/filling combinations. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. includes spoon.


Trifle Cups

Our trifle cup is made up of yummy layers of creams, fruits, and cake or brownies. They’re as pretty as they are delicious. Talk to us about flavor and filling options.

$45/dozen (one dozen minimum)

Cheesecake Cups

Delicious layers of cheesecake and graham cracker crust make these pretty cups a hit at any event. Available in plain, chocolate, or berry.

$45 dozen (one dozen minimum)

edible cookie dough cups


tasty,  safe to eat cookie dough that your guests will love. available in 5 flavors–chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookie, s’mores, and rocky road. includes lid and spoon. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. 

1 oz cup $12/dozen                                                         

3 oz cup $35/dozen      



Mouth-watering cookies–chocolate chip, reese’s peanut butter cookies, frosted sugar cookies, chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, and lemon zest. minimum of 2 dozen per flavor.

2 oz cookies $25/dozen                                         

3 oz cookies $35/dozen 


Big greeting cookie

don’t give a boring greeting card, send a greeting cookie! each cookie can be personalized with your message, and each is truly a work of art. 

cookies are approximately 5″x7″ and come in a gift box.


$40/cookie and easel’

Fondant Sugar Cookies

Delicious and so clean and artistic! These can be decorated a variety of ways and will be an elegant addition to your dessert table. So many ways to incorporate your event theme with these cookies!

$30/dozen (2 dozen minimum) minimum doesn’t apply to design.


Delicate and delicious, these beautiful cookies can be added to your dessert spread or beautifully boxed for gifts and favors. The flavor combinations are endless, so they can easily be adapted to your tastes.

$24.dozen (2 dozen minimum) minimum doesn’t apply to flavors


Our brownies are thick, rich, and delicious. Available in plain, nut, hazelnut crunch, mint, peanut butter, cream cheese, and strawberry.

$28/dozen (2 dozen minimum)


Our made-from-scratch tarts are a bright and delicious addition to any event. Available in large and individual sizes, they come in a variety of flavor combinations and shapes including, fruit, chocolate, key lime and more.

Large round – $35

Large rectangle – $45

Individual $54/dozen


Filled and frosted cupcakes available in all flavor/filling combinations. Creamy swiss meringue buttercream swirl on top with or without sprinkles. 

Mini cupcakes $18/dozen (4 DOZEN MINIMUM)

standard cupcakes $28/dozen (2 DOZEN MINIMUM)

flower cupcakes

Gorgeous realistic flower cupcakes. available in a variety of flowers. your guests wont believe these are cupcakes. available in all flavor/filling combinations. minimum of 1 dozen per flavor. 

mini flower cupcakes $20/dozen                          standard flower cupcakes $33/dozeN

7 flower bouquet $35                                                   

12 flower bouquet $50                                                  

24 flower bouquet $100


Individual Bundt Cakes

These pretty little cakes are perfect single servings. They can be made in all our delicious cake flavor & filling combinations.

$50/dozen (one dozen minimum)

Giant 4' by 2.5' sheet cake

blow your guests away with a personalized giant sheet cake. great for displaying logos for office parties, family reunions or any large event. within each cake you can select multiple flavors/fillings. serves over 200-300 guests. 

giant sheet cake $900