Flavors & Fillings

flavors & fillings

Because we believe your cake should taste as good as it looks, we never charge extra for special flavors and fillings. We are constantly testing new flavors and flavor combinations. Feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content, and if you want something not listed here, please ask.

bakery recommendations

biscoff cake with cookie butter filling

lemon cake with raspberry buttercream

classic chocolate cake with buttercream filling and layers of edible cookie dough

confetti cake with swiss meringue buttercream

pistachio cake with cream cheese filling

graham cracker cake with key lime filling and graham cracker crust crumbles

chocolate orange cake with orange buttercream

peanut butter cake with strawberry jelly buttercream

coconut cake with burnt almond fudge ganache

vanilla bean cake with peach buttercream


Vanilla Bean

Classic Chocolate

Chocolate Orange

Almond (optional poppyseed)

Lemon (optional poppyseed)


Peanut Butter


Strawberry Cream

Honey Lavender

Biscoff Cookie Cake

Eggnog Cake (seasonal)

Red Velvet



Dulce de leche


apple crisp cake


pumpkin (optional chocolate chips)

graham cracker




Bavarian Cream 

Chocolate Ganache 

White chocolate ganache 

Burnt almond fudge ganache 

raspberry buttercream 

strawberry buttercream 

blueberry buttercream 

peach buttercream 

orange buttercream 

coconut buttercream 

honey buttercream 

lemon curd 

peanut butter 

cookie butter 

cinnamon buttercream

cookies and cream 

cream cheese 

salted caramel (with or without candied nuts)

Caramel pretzel 

Chocolate hazelnut buttercream 

key lime

Edible cookie dough

raspberry cheesecake